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Infographic looking at pollution levels in cities around the world

The World Health Organisation has released statistics showing that urban air is increasingly contaminated with highly dangerous fine particles — PM2.5 — and less dangerous, but still harmful larger ones — PM10. More than 80 per cent of people living in urban areas are exposed to harmful levels of air pollution which is linked to higher levels of heart disease, respiratory illnesses, strokes and other non-communicable diseases.


Santiago's Providencia district

The secret new startup hub

Santiago, Chile, has become an unlikely hub for global startups, under a government programme that aims to attract global talent into the country to diversify its economy


Urban sprawl

The future population growth of our cities

Four billion people, 52 per cent of the global population, now live in cities, according to the United Nations agency for the built environment.  As population growth continues to outstrip cities’ capacity to build housing and infrastructure - can our cities cope with our growing population?


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Entering a new era of healthcare

Modern healthcare must move forward to promote the use of effective and easy-to-use technology driving prevention and healthier lifestyles

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