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Rule of law infographic

The law should theoretically apply equally to all, rulers and ruled alike. World Justice Project’s annual Rule of Law Index ranks 113 nations’ adherence to eight dimensions of the rule of law, measuring factors such as levels of corruption  and regulatory enforcement of government powers and fundamental rights. All countries are given an overall score on a scale of zero to one.  The research, published last October, surveyed the general public, and national practitioners and academics, with expertise in civil and commercial law, criminal justice, labour law and public health. This infographic displays the findings



Urban sprawl

The future population growth of our cities

Four billion people, 52 per cent of the global population, now live in cities, according to the United Nations agency for the built environment.  As population growth continues to outstrip cities’ capacity to build housing and infrastructure - can our cities cope with our growing population?

Infographic map looking at the risk of nuclear theft around the world

How secure is the world’s enriched uranium?

There are 24 countries in the world that have more than 1kg of enriched uranium; not all of them are as safe as they could be, and world leaders fear it could end up in the wrong hands.


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Entering a new era of healthcare

Modern healthcare must move forward to promote the use of effective and easy-to-use technology driving prevention and healthier lifestyles

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