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Corporate Treasury

Oct, 2016

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union has resulted in both economic and political instability, making it more important than ever to manage company finances against risk. This year the most urgent objective of an organisation’s cash investment policy is safety for 68 per cent of businesses, while yield is just a driving factor for 2 per cent, according to the Association for Financial Professionals. This has made the corporate treasurer essential to business success.

Download this Special Report to discover:

  • The significance of the corporate treasurer within a business
  • Why employees – not just the board – should care about the corporate treasurer
  • How to protect your business from foreign exchange risks
  • Banking regulations that impact businesses and how to stick to them
  • How to manage liquidity
  • Smart ways to manage company assets
  • Five ways automation can unlock company cash


Foreign exchange movements can make or break a company, so understanding the risks and measures to contain volatility can be key to financial success. Current economic and political instability mean that firms involved in overseas trade or transactions cannot afford to delay. This infographic from our latest Corporate Treasury Special Report includes a detailed graph of 10-year currency movements, key factors affecting markets and top challenges faced in managing FX risk