The impact of augmented and virtual reality on personalised learning

AR and VR take education beyond the classroom, offering new ways to learn beyond memorisation and observation

‘What energy and focus could an improved culture liberate from your disparate tribes?’

Picture your last budget meeting. Imagine a colleague had said: “You can create more value for us all than me from spending this £5 million. You spend it!” If such behaviour is normal in your organisation, congratulations. You’re lucky to work in such an enlightened culture – and you may even be leading a good asset management organisation

‘It’s time the NHS recognised the potential of medical technology’

The NHS is creaking under the strain of an ageing population, a growth in costly long-term conditions and mounting budget deficits

‘The challenge for Islamic finance is to evolve products that prefer innovation over imitation’

Late-2007 saw the first run on a British bank in living memory with various scandals severely damaging the trust and reputation of banks

‘We have the greatest opportunity to replace conventional, unsustainable systems with innovative and sustainable ones’

Across fashion’s complex and global supply chains there is a depletion of resources, from the raw materials we use, to our manufacturing processes that are dependent on vast amounts of water and energy

‘There’s a whole world of export opportunities out there, so make sure your company is first in line come Brexit’

This March sees the Energy Industries Council (EIC) turn 75, making it one of the oldest trade associations in the world. March 2018 also marks a year since the UK formally triggered Article 50

‘If we get this right, there is a massive prize in creating a key lever and cure for the UK economy’

The manufacturing sector is on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution, ushering in new technologies and techniques that will change the products, processes and relationships involved in every aspect of industry