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Artificial Intelligence for Business

May, 2019

Will computers ever see the world like us? What if machines could teach themselves? And what new jobs will be available to humans once the mundane has been automated? The Artificial Intelligence for Business special report, published in The Sunday Times, tackles all these questions and more. It explores the real value artificial intelligence (AI) can bring if business leaders can look beyond the hype, the ways in which AI is being used for social good and the ways in which it is learning to mimic human creativity. Also featured is comment on how the c-suite must take responsibility for educating themselves and providing proper AI training and an infographic examining which countries are really driving innovation in this area


There has been a 270 per cent increase in the number of enterprises implementing AI over the past four years, according to research by Gartner, but which countries, sectors and companies are leading the way in terms of deployment? This infographic explores how AI is being adopted in different industries, and where innovation is stemming from