The campaign that transformed Litera Microsystems into an industry thought leader

  • 35kpageviews
  • 700leads generated
  • $2.1 millioninfluenced pipeline
Following multiple name changes and mergers over their 30 years history, Litera Microsystems wanted to reposition their brand as thought leaders in the legal technology space.

Based on this ambition, Raconteur proposed a thought leadership programme, centred around a seminal report: The Changing Lawyer. The report was designed to go beyond the specific application of Litera’s products to look at wider trends and forces shaping the legal industry.

Now in its third year of publication, The Changing Lawyer has become a central part of Litera’s marketing strategy.

Services provided

  • Strategy
  • Creation

The challenge

Litera knew they had to change perceptions of their brand within the legal technology industry. They wanted to go from being seen as a slightly dated software company to one which not only understands the changing legal industry and the demands this puts on lawyers and their IT departments, but has an active voice in that conversation.

Litera decided to embark on a thought leadership project, designed to share insights on the challenges that face the legal industry today. They had a desire to make the content stand out among the other legal content available – to cut through, the editorial would have to be engaging and the creative would need to have a contemporary look, to match the forward-thinking nature of the content.

Our solution

Raconteur proposed the creation of a flagship publication, aimed at senior decision makers in the legal sector. The publication, executed as a 24-page print report and called The Changing Lawyer, would analyse the implications of the reluctance across law firms to evolve operating models and service structures - speaking directly to the pain points of the target audience, and Litera’s solution.

Working with seasoned legal industry journalists, the report featured qualitative insight from relevant industry experts across the legal landscape and delivered high quality editorial analysis.

The report was created in a vibrant, bespoke illustration style, leveraging Litera’s brand colour palette. Data visualisation was used to underpin the in-depth analysis of each story and ensure the publication stood out from the usual format of legal content.


Starting off as a single report, The Changing Lawyer was expanded to a digital micro-site on the Litera Microsystems website following its phenomenal success and now plays a central role in the online presence of the brand. Litera extended The Changing Lawyer campaign to include awards where they recognise the people and organisations which are embracing and driving change in the industry.

The annual report combined with the awards cemented the view that Litera Microsystems is a company on the front foot – addressing the needs of lawyers and firms around the world before they realise they have them, rather than just responding to client needs.

Litera measured key metrics throughout the campaign and was able to attribute ROI directly to the project. The Changing Lawyer received over 35,000 pageviews online, generated over 700 leads for their legal technology software and led to $2.1 million of influenced pipeline. Meaning that this thought leadership project was not only successful in improving Litera’s brand positioning, but also had a tangible commercial impact too.

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