Content marketing measurement

Content marketing can play a huge part in driving growth and awareness in your business, however many people struggle to measure the right metrics. As with any form of marketing, it’s imperative that you understand what success looks like in your content marketing operation.

Raconteur Agency can help you measure the success of your content

We’re already helping huge B2B brands measure the impact of their campaigns on key metrics like brand awareness, audience size, social engagement, lead generation and beyond.

First, we take a look at your business’ current position and discover where it is that you’re starting from. We then examine your business objectives and determine what it is that you want to achieve. Based on your goals and objectives, we will work with you to formulate key KPIs that will help you to understand the ROI of your content marketing.

Prove that your content drives business results

Whatever your marketing goals, we’ll develop a bespoke measurement framework to track your content’s performance and prove that it’s delivering on defined business objectives.

You’ll receive regular reports combining analytics data with search and social media insights to provide a clear picture of your campaign’s performance.

The information that we receive from measuring the performance of your campaigns will then feed back into the strategy or all future content marketing processes and provide valuable insights that will drive the development of your business.

To learn more about the content measurement services that we have provided for our clients, take a look at our case studies.

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