Soon your internet history may be public

CCTV cameras

New government legislation ushers in an era of internet surveillance which will impact individuals and organisations

The business benefits of AI

Brains within light bulb illustration

Graduating from gimmicks on TV game shows and playing board games, artificial intelligence engines are now looking for jobs in business

Keyboards that boost your productivity

keyboards boost productivity

They may often come as a default, factory-standard model, but the keyboard to your computer can determine how productive you are

How to attract top talent to engineering

Attracting talent to engineering illustration

Manufacturing has suffered an image problem which has resulted in a shortage of engineers needed to take UK industry forward, but things might now be changing

Why manufacturers are becoming service providers

Rolls-Royce Trent engine

Manufacturers that service their products after sale or on a rental basis are in the vanguard of a trend which can revitalise the sector

Exporters battling on despite Brexit

Brexit leave campaign screen

Brexit may be among the biggest challenges the UK has faced in modern times, but there are also export opportunities waiting to be seized

Estonia – Saving UK businesses from Brexit doom?

Skyline of Tallinn, Estonia

Brexit and possible trade barriers thrown up against UK companies is a vexing problem which could be solved by becoming an e-resident of Estonia

Why employees should care about the corporate treasurer

corporate treasurer job description

When times get tough, there’s one job that comes into its own – the treasurer who can make or break a company